Industry: IT

Total Positions: 3

Job Type: Contract

Contract Period: 12 Months

Gender: No Preference

Salary: 350 ZAR - 400 ZAR (Hourly)

Education: Diploma or Bachelor′s degree

Experience: 5-10 Years

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Candidate should have:
Extensive experience with CloudFormation (this will be essential) creating nested stacks and cross-stack references.
Experience working with a DevSecOps team following Scrum
In-depth knowledge of AWS IAM, cross-account access, Role-based access, writing and understanding of IAM policies, S3 bucket policies, and Service Control Policies.
Experience with AWS Config, CloudWatch, CloudTrail on a multi-account deployment
Experience configuring and integrating external identity providers such as Microsoft AD and Okta with AWS SSO.
Experience with AWS Service Catalog and deployment of self-service vending machine / Account Factory for creation of multiple AWS accounts.
Experience with AWS Security portfolio of services such as Secret Manager, AWS KMS, AWS Macie, Amazon Inspector, AWS WAF, AWS Shield, and AWS GuardDuty.
Working experience building CI/CD pipelines, and automating deployments for both server-based (EC2 and ECS) and serverless architectures, using infrastructure as code / CloudFormation for all AWS resources.
Hands-on knowledge of AWS Networking such as how to deploy VPCs, Subnets in a multi-AZ deployment, allocate appropriate CIDR blocks, configure Route Tables, configure Security Groups, NACLs, Service Endpoints, establish hybrid connectivity via transit gateways, VPN and Direct connect with on-premise networks and other AWS VPCs.
Worked on multi-account deployments utilizing AWS Organization service
5+ year experience with AWS